Room Reservation System

Welcome to the AUC Woodruff Library Room Reservation System 





 Room Reservation Policy:

1.    Click on "My Account"

2.    Click on "Log in"

3.    Enter your AUC Library remote access account username and password

4.    Click on "Log in"

5.  Make your reservation

6.  Allow up to 48 business hours for your Technology Design Studio room request to be approved.

7.  Check your email for confirmation of your reservation request

1.  Patrons can request one room reservation / day for a maximum of 3 hours

2.  Allow 48 business hours for web request approvals

3.  Rooms must be occupied within the first 15 minutes of the reservation

 4.  Group Study & Technology Design Studio Room Users may be asked to leave for the following reasons (including but not limited to):

a. Failure to abide by library policies and procedures

b. Noise

c. Disruptive behavior

d. Destruction of equipment, software, furniture

e. Food & drink in studios

f. Overcrowding